It’s amazing how much life changes. Sometimes the changes can be good and sometimes they can be bad. As I grow older, I learn more and more that life just doesn’t care. It will go on no matter what.

Life, uh, finds a way.

Ian malcolm

So a number of things are currently in process. First, I’m happy to say that my last meeting as a district officer in Toastmasters is coming to an end. Perhaps this is an unpopular opinion, but I had a terrible time in this role. I think it was partially due to language and culture, but it taught me a few lessons, but no, I didn’t get the kind of enjoyment out of the service that I do from the club that I help lead.

With work, I have greatly expanded my responsibilities. I’m currently leading 1 program, managing another, and in different levels of developing 3 others. The goal for all this is to be able to offer our customers a selection of classes that they can recruit students for and make some additional profits. Having said that, there’s one big lesson that I’ve learned from this. There’s no money in being a franchise distributor. At least, there isn’t at first. After looking at the numbers, I feel that I would prefer to either be the content creator (high risk) or a franchise owner (limited reward).

So from that, I’ve decided that I’m going to start developing new skills. I think that if I can find a few other areas that I really enjoy, then I can use them to supplement my income down the road. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy what I do. It’s challenging, interesting, and I’m never bored, but if I’m looking at it from a purely financial perspective, I’ll never be able to get what I want doing what I’m doing now.

And that brings me to my last point. I got married in January, and I couldn’t be happier. She is kind, thoughtful, and warm in all the right ways, and even has a small bit of sarcastic humor mixed in. Basically, she’s perfect for me. She makes me want to be a better man. You know, all that cliche stuff.

Anyway, more news about that later.
I’m going to try to start posting at least once a month on this site, maybe more as I explore writing as an opportunity.
But as I said above, more on that later.